Delivery Provisions “Please Read Below”

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: RV Owners, Please read the safety-delivery-pickup and relocation provision.  


FLT is committed and employs every effort to safely deliver the customer RV to his/her chosen destination without it sustaining any physical or structural damage while in transit. However, if FLT determines on arrival at the customer elected destination site the existence of obstacles that potentially may cause damage to the RV, FLT will then require that the customer sign a waiver of liability/ Hold Harmless Agreement (HHA) before any attempt is made to place or locate the RV on his/her requested location. The customer has the right of refusal from signing the FLT/HHA agreement. However, by his/her refusal, FLT will than be compelled to relocate the RV to a secondary location nearby that will avoid all possible hazards concerns that may cause damage to the RV in the delivery parking process. After the process is completed, the customer will then inherit and endure full security and responsibility for his/her RV from that secondary location.  Ther-forth, relieving FLT of any and all responsibility and/or liability for his/her RV.  If the customer is not present on his/her delivery process, and FLT finds and determines the presents of any hazards conditions existing that may or will cause damage to the RV, then this FLT policy applies whether the customer is present or absent on delivery and FLT will consider his/her absent as a HOLD HARMLESS refusal and relocate the RV to a secondary location as near to the original location and notify the customer of the relocation by telephone or text message. The above provisions also apply to an RV pickup request from a customer with the exception that FLT will not hook up to the RV from its current location without the customer first signing an FLT/HHA agreement. The DEFINITION OF OBSTACLES includes but not limited to: Tree limbs, Pot Holes, Sink Holes, Narrow Fence Openings or Fence Post, Guide Wire(s). Ditches, Trees, Narrow Culverts, Expose Pipe (s), Water Trenches, Mud or Sand Flats, Low Hanging Power Lines, Thick Vines, undeveloped roads or Pathways or, any other ground surface area not suitable for the weight or locating an RV.   A complete copy of this FLT/HHA is available on request by submitting your name, address, telephone number to  We provide this information to you the customer in advance of any transportation of your RV so that you will be aware of the FLT applied provision at the delivery location of your RV. This provision can be amended or revised at any time at the discretion of FLT. Thank you for visiting and choosing FLT as your RV Transporter. 

* indicates restrictions apply due to road and weather conditions.