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Please Remember To Not  over load your RV  for transport. Check the gross trailer weight rating of your trailer to prevent overloading. ALSO, do not exceed the MFG’s recommend load limit. We recommend also that having your wheel bearings and seals check  is a good idea.

Overloading your RV can cause you a major expense in repairs that you would not welcome. Preventive maintenance and care of your RV is the least expensive way to go. 


Freelancer Transport will not be available until




Merry Christmas & Happy  New Year 

Two New units complete




Make sure cabinet doors are closed, locked if possible and items that are not mounted, be removed or placed in a secure area in the trailer. Propane tanks are turned off, ammunition or any possible dangerous materials should be removed from the RV, empty sewer, gray & fresh water tanks. The RV owner is solely responsible for properly securing and prepping his/her RV before transport. This includes checking the tire pressure, wheel bearings, roof vents and windows are closed, TV antenna is down, inside lights and fans are off, empty fresh, gray and black water tanks. FLT is not responsible for any damage (s) of any personal property or RV component (s) internally or externally that has not been properly attended to prior to transport.


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Transport Safety is always a concern for the customer RV 

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