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Freelancer R-V Transfer Service Contact Hours


Owner/Dealer: Our Contact Hours are:

M – F  8 am to 5 pm  Saturday  9am to 2 pm (CST)

Sundays and Holidays: Closed


Basic Definition of a Freelancer: ( Freelancer R-V Transport )


A freelancer is one where a person works for themselves, rather for a company. While freelancers do take on contract work for companies and organizations, they are ultimately self-employed even if they have registered with the Internal Revenue Service and given an EIN, they are not a commercial INC or LLC type business. FLT is EIN registered.  


                Safety is Always a Matter of Concern at FLT


                     How to get an cost estimate from FLT


All estimates quotes are providedonly” by sending us an email.  Please follow the instructions in the quote format form located in the above quote tab.  (No-Phone-Calls) For all other information, phone calls are excepted. 


Payments Excepted: Direct Deposit-Credit Cards -Cashier Check-*Personal Check or Cash.

 * Payment by personal check must be receive (4) days in advance of scheduled RV relocation. Open accounts terms are net 20 days from billing date.   


Price Quotes: (quotes are base on current & unstable fuel charges and may very from location to location) (minimum rates and restrictions may apply).


All price quotes are contingent on the accuracy of the information provided to Freelancer RV Transfer Service (FLT). FLT is a USDOT authorized RV Transporter and reserve the right to decline a transfer service upon arrival at the RV location to determine the information provided not to be consistent as reported. Rejection Reasons: Exceeding GVWR -Damage or Bent Axle- Stop and Marker lights not working-faulty tires. leaking or damage sewer (black water) line

                  Safety Has N0 Time Out at FLT


Dealers & Owners: RV must be ready for transport on arrival of the transporter. Please Check tire pressure, close all vents, doors, turn off lights and secure all lose interior items. Disclaimer: Any interior or exterior item (s) damage cause by not properly being cared for or secured by the owner before transport, is the sole responsibility of the transferring owner or dealer. Structural damage cause by tire blowout (s), dislodging awnings, or wheel (s) dislodging from the axle , is also the responsibility of the transferring owner/dealer or RV manufacturer. 


Freelancer R-V Transfer (FLT) is responsible for delivering the unit to its destination without it sustaining any exterior structural damage resulting from our negligence or safety oversite.  We are not responsible for any damages cause by others while the unit is in transit or, the failure of any component or product attached to or part of the RV structure installed by the manufacture, RV dealer or owner.




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Premier & Truck

                             USDOT 3266588 / MC 1030570


                                       Service To:


Alabama-Mississippi-Tennessee-Georgia-Texas-Florida-Arkansas-Oklahoma-Louisiana-South Carolina   

   R-V dealers and private Owners – text us  228 697 8628

                     or send email to:             


                               The Custom R-V Transporter                                                 

                                            * ON-Time-Every-Time

                                   * Weather and road conditions permitted


Relocated from Ocala FL to Biloxi MS



FLT where your priority is always essential, is the perfect choice for your next R-V transfer  


Disclaimer: The sharing of any non-FLT information does not constitute an endorsement of products or services on the part of FLT.

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