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QUOTE REQUEST: Please contact Freelancer Transport Service by email or fax for a quote related to a RV transport service. WE don’t provide telephone quotes for reasons of avoiding any possibility of communication inaccuracy. Please provide your name, phone number, the type and model year of the unit, tire condition, the address where the unit is located, destination or where the unit is going, and, when do you want it transported.. 



The sharing of any non-FLT information or photo does not constitute an endorsement of products or services on the part of FLT unless otherwise noted. 



1- Some quotes may be calculated from Biloxi, MS as the point of origin to the customer pickup location and on to the final destination.

2- Quotes other than “written from FLT” are to be considered as an estimate and not a final quote. 

3- Payment must be made at pickup or in advance unless you have an established account. 

4- Payment with out-of-state check requires a  (4) day advance payment.

5. Class A High-line Transport unit Rates are adjusted to include FLT rental car charges to RV pickup point or return to FLT home port. Receiving RV customer (s) agrees to transport FLT driver to nearest car rental outlet on delivery. 

6. RV’s are FLT primary transport source of service. We are not a general freight transporter of goods, products or equipment other than for established customers or Emergency Management Agencies. 

7. RATES: Rates are base on several factors when transporting an RV’s or Supplies.  For RV’s, the  type of RV / Age of RV / Length / condition of tires / where the RV is going /  etc.  


Please check your RV tire pressure before your schedule transport. Low tire pressure will cause overheating of the tire and a possible blowout causing major damage to the RV.


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