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            A Service disable Veteran owned and operated RV relocater 


Due to high demands, it’s important you schedule your transport service days before pick-up date.  

RV Owners Relocate with shiprv.org 

       Pursuit to 28-4624 Towaway &/or Drive-A-Way


We have several years of experience relocating RV’s providing the best and latest in equipment to get the transfer done safely. New to our service is a F450 equip with all safety features including front and side monitoring observation cameras to detect any possible dangers to the RV when in transit.




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                                  FLT is a private family owned and operated RV relocater.    

                    About US:

We are a private RV relocator operating as Freelancer Transport (FLT) from the Gulf Coast Region. 

Our primary goal is to relocate or transfer RV units from within the southeast and southwest region of the USA for RV owners and dealers.

Freelancer Transport was founded in early January 2019 by a service-disable veteran to provide trustworthy, safe, and efficient service relocating travel trailers, fifth wheels and drivable RV units.

Freelancer Transport is the perfect resolve for RV owners – dealers wanting to streamline relocating an RV’s from one location to another.

FLT also services financial institution on voluntary RV  surrenders in Mississippi-Louisiana-Alabama.


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                                Freelancer Transported is owned and operated by Beaulier, Dale R. DBA Freelancer Transport    



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Freelancer Transport Service where safety never takes a time out.

RV Relocater TO – Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina


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